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Buccaneers vs. Falcons: Matt Ryan has to move on from 5-INT game against Cardinals

Matt Ryan's five thrown interceptions against Arizona was a career-high, but he can't afford to dwell on that against the Buccaneers.

Kevin C. Cox

Matt Ryan threw a career-high five interceptions in Atlanta's Week 11 win over the Arizona Cardinals. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution spoke with the quarterback about what might go differently when the Falcons face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.

Ryan's plan for rebounding from the performance seems to be to just that, to simply move on:

"You can't worry about it. Part of playing this position in this league is knowing that there will be times when you make mistakes and fall flat on your face. You just have to get up and keep playing and keep throwing."

Ryan's previous career-high was three interceptions in a single game, something that's happened only twice in the 74 games he's played. The Falcons also lost a fumble, making six turnovers in total. Atlanta entered the game having given it away only eight times, while having taken it away 18 times. Even with the performance against the Cardinals, Atlanta's plus-5 turnover margin is good for eighth in the league.

Ryan's previous high for this season was the three interceptions he threw against the Oakland Raiders, but in the three games that followed that one he threw a total of one interception, suggesting that his plan to simply get up and continue throwing is a sound one.

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