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Touchdown, Georgia! . . . So Where've YOU Guys Been?

So was Georgia just saving up all its big plays over the last couple games or what? After an absolutely miserable first quarter on offense, it was one did-you-see-that-play after another: a 40-yard end-around by A.J. Green, his first touch of the 2010 season; a 32-yard rumble by Caleb King on the very next play, King's first rush of the game, that involved a PlayStation X-button-worthy spin move; and an unbelievable one-handed TD catch by Green to cap off the drive. Too bad for you if you didn't catch it, because it was easily the most dynamic play the Georgia has pulled off all season long. Fortunately, you'll be seeing it virtually nonstop on "SportsCenter" highlight reels for the next 48 hours.

Could it be the play that ignites a new fire under the Dawgs in a must-win game? We'll see -- a lot of it depends on whether the offensive play-calling continues to take some chances or goes back in its shell. For right now, though, there's still some fight in this team.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.