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With A.J. In The Locker Room, Colorado Retakes Lead

Georgia’s second offensive series of the third quarter was a three-and-out, and not a particularly inspired one at that, which should give you an indication as to just how important A.J. Green is to this team’s fortunes. Green was spotted heading into the locker room, but according to Fox’s sideline reporter, it’s just a sideline cramp, and they’re going to load him up with fluids and try to bring him back out.

Unfortunately, A.J. can’t play defense, and some of that would’ve been nice as Colorado was marching down the field to retake the lead. Initially it looked like Georgia might hold CU to a field goal thanks to a very, very lucky call of a Buffalo non-reception inside the Georgia 5 (even I thought it was a catch), but a roughing-the-kicker penalty on the ensuing FG try gave Colorado a fresh set of downs, and an 11-yard rush by Rodney Stewart made it 29-24 Colorado just a few plays later.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.