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Finally, A Defensive Stop, And CU Comes Up Empty

After running the ball down Georgia’s throats for the better part of the second half — sound familiar? — Georgia finally hunkered down. With CU having first-and-10 at the Georgia 27, Tyler Hansen lateraled to Travon Patterson in the flat, who was promptly leveled by Brandon Boykin; on 2nd-and-14, Rodney Stewart went up the middle for only 2 yards; and on 3rd-and-12, Marcus Dowtin crushed Hansen in the backfield for a loss of six. Colorado missed the resulting 52-yard field-goal try, and what looked like an easy opportunity for Colorado points — and little time left for Georgia to answer — has turned into a great situation for the Dawgs. The Dawgs start at their own 35 with three and a half minutes and a time out to go for the winning score.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.