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Georgia Bulldogs Vs. Kentucky Wildcats Score: 34-10, It's Washun Ealey's World

It's safe to say Washaun Ealey is having his best game as Georgia Bulldog and it's probably his best game since running over high school defenders when he was at Emanuel County Institute. The second half opened with Georgia driving down the field with a 7-play, 70 yards drive and it ended with Ealey scoring on a 2-yard run. It's his fourth touchdown of the game and is playing like a man on a mission.

The only thing bad about the series is kicker Blair Walsh missing the PAT and it's the first PAT he has missed since being a member of the Bulldogs. Could play a factor as the game rolls on, but the way things are going it's probably not going to matter.

Georgia is keeping the petal to the metal because they know Kentucky can score points at will and Georgia does not want Kentucky to have any chance of making  any type of comeback. That's the way to play because the way the SEC has been all season long, anything is possible.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.