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SEC College Football Schedule, Week 9: No. 1 Auburn Tigers Vs. Ole Miss Rebels

LSU Tigers, 2009. Florida Gators, 2008. LSU, 2007. Auburn Tigers, 2006. Texas Longhorns, 2003. South Carolina Gamecocks, 2001. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 2000. Tennessee Volunteers, 1999. That’s a partial list of highly ranked teams that have been shocked by Houston Nutt in the past decade or so. All were top-ten, except No. 15 Missy State, and two were the nation’s number-one team at the time.

And losing to Jacksonville State only makes him stronger, like a nuked Godzilla. Cam Newton’s top-ranked Auburn Tigers juggernaut thunders into Oxford on Saturday, and if there’s anything that can stop it, it’s the only coach in America capable of making Les Miles look merely imbalanced.

The Rebels have been battered in two straight beatdowns by the Arkansas Razorbacks and Alabama Crimson Tide, and their only victory of any note came in a one-score home shootout against the Kentucky Wildcats. Again, this is all to Auburn’s great peril.

With two weeks until their game against the Georgia Bulldogs and almost a month until the Iron Bowl, “caught lookin’ ahead” won’t be an excuse for the Tigers. You know Houston's steez by now.

TV time: 6 on ESPN.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.