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SEC College Football Schedule, Week 9: Kentucky Wildcats Vs. No. 21 Mississippi St. Bulldogs

Despite losing to the Georgia Bulldogs at home last week, the Kentucky Wildcats are still alive in the SEC East, which is like saying all the characters in World War Z are still alive in the SEC East. Mississippi St. is riding the conference’s second-longest winning streak, but is probably not going to be playing in Atlanta this year either*.

Still, this game isn’t quite the SEC backlot it once was. Each has beaten a ranked team, and both came within four points of upsetting the No. 1 Auburn Tigers. The Bulldogs are bowl-eligible for only the second time since 2000, while Kentucky’s four-year bowl streak, its longest ever, should be in good shape with an FCS freebie, the [Nazi joke] Tennessee Volunteers, and the Vanderbilt Commodores on deck.

Styles make fights, and the Bulldogs’ 14th-ranked defense should be a good match for Kentucky’s 23rd-ranked air attack. Also, if anybody’s capable of actually giving up a passing yard or twenty to Missy State, it’s Big Blue.

* Yes, they actually have a decent shot at the Chick Fil A Bowl, Preemptive Pedantic Footnote.

TV time: 6 on ESPNU.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.