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Georgia Bulldogs Vs. Florida Gators: When Georgia Has The Ball, Watch Aaron Murray

Georgia's offense: Averaging 228.4 yards per game passing (55th nationally), 153.8 yards rushing (58th).
Florida's defense: Allowing 166.6 yards per game passing (13th), 131.3 yards rushing (41st).

With QB Aaron Murray continuing to be his usual mistake-free self, the offensive line beginning to gel, and Washaun Ealey seeming to have gotten his head screwed on straight in terms of both running technique and not fumbling, this offense is operating at its highest level since 2008. With A.J. Green on hand to stretch opposing defenses and the TEs and fullbacks getting to play a bigger role in the passing game, the Gators will have plenty of threats to worry about both on the ground and through the air. The return of suspended RB Caleb King, too, will offer fresh legs and another dimension in the rushing attack.

It's one thing to crack the 40-point mark against teams like Tennessee, Vandy and Kentucky. Florida probably presents the toughest defensive obstacle this offense has seen all season, particularly against the pass, as their secondary was the one defensive unit that managed not to get gutted in the NFL draft. Only two teams, Alabama and LSU, have managed to go over 20 points against the Gators this year, and both fielded elite defenses that gave their offensive teammates considerable help by forcing turnovers. That's something Georgia's gotten better at this year, obviously, but they can't count on a second straight opponent handing the game away early in a flurry of fumbles.

Georgia QB Aaron Murray vs. Florida [insert defensive back here]. 
In the Bulldogs' three wins against Florida over the past two decades -- and yes, it hurt just as much for me to write that phrase as it hurt you to read it -- they've scored 37, 31, and 42 points. The Dawgs' offense has to click for them to have any hope of winning, and most of that burden rests on the quarterback. Murray has played with poise and confidence in multiple hostile environments this season, but Florida is tied for fifth in the nation with 13 interceptions and will likely be blanketing A.J. Green all afternoon. The three teams that have beaten Florida this year didn't ask much of their QBs because they could ask their defenses to win the game for them; Georgia probably isn't going to have that option.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.