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Georgia Bulldogs Vs. Florida Gators: Rivalry Week Literature With The Dawgosphere

If you’re looking for a Georgia-Florida series history, click here.

Dawg Sports, computer town’s finest Georgia Bulldogs community and perhaps the most literate college football blog, hates the Florida Gators. Being a literate and lengthy blog, you’d expect some keyboards to take a pounding this week, but good god. From vineyarddawg’s five-part top-25 reasons to hate Florida (parts one, two, three, four, and five) to what appears to be an impromptu Florida-hate poetry contest in which Shakespeare, Vonnegut, and Shel Silverstein get remixed, SB Nation’s Bulldogs community has done all it can here.

Elsewhere in [band fanfare] Gator hate:

Bubba ’N Earl pitches in Jersey Shore photoshops, a tribute to the ugliest bootleg fashions in TWLOCP history, and a list of questions for Urban Meyer.

Get The Picture unearths the finest tales of pregame merriment from a Gator message board, shares a little bit of gentle David Greenely X’s and O’s trash talk from David Greene, and toasts the crumbling of the Urban Empire’s coaching staff.

Hey Jenny Slater prepares for “the weirdest Cocktail Party ever” by threatening to run down the street naked with itself, but it’s Halloweekend in Jacksonville so that’s in play either way.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.