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College Football Rankings: Could The Georgia Bulldogs Earn Top 25 Votes By Beating The Florida Gators?

What’ll it take for the Georgia Bulldogs to return to the BCS, AP, or Coaches’ top 25? Should a win over the Florida Gators be enough? Well, no. Without their loss to the Colorado Buffaloes, they’d probably have a pretty decent shot at coming close, as their other three losses were to teams that are currently ranked. That’s how the computers would look at it, at least. And they’d be right.

But at least one human voter would be enchanted by a four-game SEC win streak, no matter if it’s against quite possibly the SEC’s four worst teams. Believe it or not, the Gators actually picked up two votes in this week’s AP poll, and both teams somehow picked up consideration in this week’s BlogPoll, which tends to react much more quickly than either of the big media polls.

Not saying Georgia or Florida pulling votes is right or sane; just reporting what humans have willingly chosen to do with their votes.

So my answer is that a win over Florida shouldn’t be enough for Georgia to enter Also Receiving Votes territory, but it will be. Then again, I’d pick the Dawgs to mutilate almost any of the teams in last week’s spare change tray (Northern Illinois? San Diego State? West Virginia? Is Oregon State still 2-2? I feel like Oregon State has been 2-2 since some time in March), so maybe a consolation ranking would be merited.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.