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VIDEO: Florida Gators Kicker Chas Henry Kicks Gamewinner Against Georgia Bulldogs, Turns His Swag On

Converted Florida Gators punter Chas Henry, taking up kicking duties on the fly due to emergency, kicked the gamewinning overtime field goal against the Georgia Bulldogs. It was the second successful field goal of Henry’s college career, and came after he missed a pair in the Gators’ last game against the Mississippi St. Bulldogs.

The real question, of course: what happens when a punter finds himself the biggest hero in the first-ever overtime game in the history of the Southeast’s greatest sports rivalry? And yes this merits all those prepositional phrases. After making the kick, Henry skips around, trots about five yards, and settles on a hands-on-hips Superman pose as Gator teammates mob him, a sea of white and blue trailing him on a victory lap around the stadium.

What, no b-boy stance? No Heisman pose? Maybe an ice-dancing ritual involving a pirouette in Mark Richt’s direction, because I’m Chas Henry and I’m too cold to get iced, God bless? Next time, Chas, let’s remember to teach Jacksonville how to Dougie.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.