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College Football Top 25 Rankings Preview: Auburn, Oregon, And Boise State Battle Atop BCS And AP Poll

The BCS, AP, and USA Today Coaches' top 25 rankings will be out throughout the day, but let's get a drop on 'em by looking at some likely shuffles after Upset Saturday, brought to you by Home Depot. We never seem to realize that every Saturday in college football is Upset Saturday, and instead let the NFL wash all the insanity from our minds on Sundays and Mondays so that we approach each Saturday expecting chalk.


A review of our top 25 catastrophes:

  • No. 5 Michigan State was smoked by No. 18 Iowa.
  • No. 6 Missouri got blasted by No. 14 Nebraska.
  • No. 16 Florida State fumbled away its game against N.C. State.
  • No. 22 Miami's rally came up short against Virginia.

So how does all this affect the top teams in our rankings?

The Auburn Tigers are set at No. 1 in the BCS, and should gain ground in the human polls after beating an actual team that humans have heard of, unlike Boise State. Last week No. 2 Boise had eight more votes in the AP poll and only two more in the Coaches' poll than Auburn did, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see Boise and Auburn switch in at least one.

The Oregon Ducks will remain No. 1 in the two meat polls after whipping their second or third good team. It's hard to say whether they'll pick up votes from both Boise and Auburn to extend their advantage.

The rest of each top four -- Boise State and TCU -- should remain the same, though the Alabama Crimson Tide will likely fill a spot vacated by either Michigan State  or Missouri, setting up the biggest Iron Bowl in a long, long time, assuming the Georgia Bulldogs aren't able to play spoiler in the meantime.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.