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SEC Football Standings, Week 10: Florida Alive In East; Auburn, Alabama, And LSU Fight For West

The South Carolina Gamecocks and Florida Gators established themselves as the relative class of the SEC East, beating the Tennessee Volunteers and Georgia Bulldogs respectively. Unless Florida loses to the Vanderbilt Commodores and Carolina beats the Arkansas Razorbacks next week, the showdown on Nov. 13 will decide the division. The Dawgs would lose a tiebreaker against either team, and are thus eliminated.

Given that the game is in Gainesville, you'd have to give the momentary edge to the Gators in the East, though the potential trap game against Vandy should still the Gator fan's rush to plan a trip to Atlanta.

The West is a little more complicated. Everyone but Ole Miss is still alive, though it would take serious chicanery for either Arkansas or Mississippi St. to take the division, as each has two losses to division contenders. Alabama plays at LSU, Missy State, and Auburn. LSU gets Bama, Ole Miss, and at Arkansas. Auburn's only remaining division game is at Bama, though they also play Georgia, and yes cross-division games count.

Auburn has the advantage of only needing two wins instead of three, while LSU and Auburn both get to play one unranked team. Everybody gets a home game, though LSU gets two. However, Bama gets home field in what may be the biggest game of the year, the Iron Bowl.

If you can pick a sure when-the-dust-settles frontrunner out of that mess, have at it.

Southeastern Conference Standings

(updated 10.31.2010 at 3:32 AM EDT)

East Conf Overall
South Carolina Gamecocks 4 2 6 2
Florida Gators 3 3 5 3
Georgia Bulldogs 3 4 4 5
Vanderbilt Commodores 1 4 2 6
Kentucky Wildcats 1 5 4 5
Tennessee Volunteers 0 5 2 6
West Conf Overall
Auburn Tigers 6 0 9 0
Alabama Crimson Tide 4 1 7 1
LSU Tigers 4 1 7 1
Mississippi St. Bulldogs 3 2 7 2
Arkansas Razorbacks 3 2 6 2
Mississippi Rebels 1 4 3 5

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.