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Georgia Vs. Tennessee: Mark Richt And Players Talk To Media About Upcomming Game

Mark Richt and a handful of players took part in the weekly press luncheon Tuesday afternoon. Here are some quotes from Richt, Aaron Murray and Kris Durham.

Mark Richt on the match-up with Tennessee:

"We have two teams in very similar situations. Both are coming off heartbreaking losses. Both of them are looking for a Southeastern Conference victory. Both of them are teams that have tremendous fan bases and tremendous tradition and history of playing winning football so we are both, I would say, pretty desperate for a victory right now. Of course I don't want to speak for Tennessee. "

Richt on taking the role of play calling:

"Right now that's not the plan. Right now it's not the plan. I have to be more assertive to let Mike (Bobo) know certain situations. Sometimes if a coach knows he has three downs to get two yards instead of two downs to get two yards, he may call that a little bit different. Or there may be times I'll say, 'Let's run this thing' or whatever it might be. I need to be a little more assertive in that way just to give him direction and help him know how to approach it."

Aaron Murray on practicing in full pads Monday:

"I think it was great. Coach [Mark] Richt really challenged us before practice that we were going to do something a little bit different and change it up. The guys really stepped up. If you are a true football player you enjoy competing."

Murray on his progression so far this season:

"I'm still making improvements. I have a lot that I need to work on. I miss things here and there, but my goal is just to keep getting better. I'm taking baby steps through the season, game in and game out, but I feel like I'm making strides. I want to just keep getting better, keep working and see what happens."


Kris Durham on team morale:

"We're trying to stay positive, trying to have a positive mentality, and get back to having fun. It's never fun when you lose. We want to work hard on positive things happening for us. But the big thing is we have to finish games. We have to finish."


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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.