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Georgia-Tennessee 1st Quarter Update: Aarron Murray Starts Strong, Leading Bulldogs to 17-0 Lead

I don't think anybody saw this comming.

Georgia came out the gate like they were on fire, as they put 17 points on the board to start the game with bang.

Credit has to go to the UGA defense for not giving up a opening-drive score, something they haven't done in the last four games.

On UGA's opening drive after forcing Tennessee to punt, Aaron Murray scrambles for a 35-yard touchdown run to get the scoring started.

They were able to get the ball back after a Matt Simms intercpetion to Bacarri Rambo and that led to a Blair Walsh 42-yard field goal.

The Dawgs got the ball back no to long after that, as Eric Gordon fumbled the kickoff return and UGA recoved which led to a Murray 9-yard touchdown pass to Rantavious Wooten to go up by 17.

Not bad Bulldogs. Not bad at all. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.