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Cam Newton Investigation: The SEC's Most Popular Traffic Tickets Record

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Among the worst news for Auburn Tigers QB Cam Newton is that he’s now under the microscope of the only investigative force on earth capable of dwarfing the NCAA and the FBI: SEC message boards. Newton’s record of traffic violations is publicly accessible on an Alachua County web database (the University of Florida is located in Alachua), and fans of rival schools have been going to town.

Among the 12 items incurred within 18 months — not including the case of the stolen laptop — are multiple driver’s license infractions, with the whole shebang concluded by a UNKNOWINGLY OPERATING VEHICLE WHILE DL SUSPENDEDCANCELEDREVOKED.

We all have a few whoopsies in our past, and nobody wants football 4chan digging around in his or her records. But having a list like that from a single year-and-a-half period is another dent in Newton’s public perception, even if it is an impressive hot streak.


Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.