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Bogus Cam Newton Suspension Rumor Started By Paul Finebaum And Auburn Blogger

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Cam Newton hysteria reached a new level over lunch time, thanks to a blogger and a radio host. No, Newton has not been suspended, nor has anybody with any worthwhile information officially reported that he is about to be suspended. Unless it’s happened since I started typing this.

Whoever runs @warblogle, the official Twitter account of Auburn Tigers blog War Blogle, posted this on Twitter about an hour ago:

Ian Fitzimmons is reporting on the radio in Dallas that within 3-4 hours the NCAA is going to suspend Cam Newton.less than a minute ago via web

Paul Finebaum, Alabama Crimson Tide-friendly radio personality, posted the same thing, though thanks to Twitter's timestamping I can't tell who posted it first. Presumably, Finebaum. Thus, trap went ham, as you can imagine. And then, after the rumor was bluntly refuted, War Blogle posted this kind of thing for the next hour:

This was all a social experiment. To the media guys blasting me for reporting something with no true source, biggest gotcha ever…less than a minute ago via web


The implication there, I guess, is that ESPN, the New York Times, and every other media organization that has been covering the Newton story is doing so with no credible information. Which, OK. There have been some rumor-y flyers thrown in there, but grow up. Meanwhile, a quote from Auburn head coach Gene Chizik:

Chizik: Cameron Newton will play Saturday against Georgia.less than a minute ago via web

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.