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Georgia Vs. Auburn: Meet Barrett Trotter, Cam Newton's Backup

If, to Mark Richt’s surprise, Auburn Tigers QB Cam Newton happens to be ruled out of Saturday’s game against the Georgia Bulldogs due to an investigation into his shady recruitment, sophomore Barrett Trotter would take his place. According to Auburn depth charts at Rivals and the school’s official site. I link to both because college sports sites aren’t necessarily the most diligently updated things on earth.

Trotter has attempted eight garbage-time passes this season, completing five for 58 yards. He’s also rushed thrice for 31 yards and a touchdown. He was in the mix to be Auburn’s starter last year, but tore his ACL in spring ball. With his time off, he made the SEC’s academic honor roll.

At six-foot-two and 211 pounds he’s significantly smaller than Newton, but so is everybody. Earlier this year Auburn OC Gus Malzahn said of Trotter, “He’s a tough guy. Throws the ball with great touch. Understands protections,” and last year said, “He was getting almost equal reps in the spring toward the end until he got hurt. He’s coming along and doing some good things. He’s got a very good football mind and he’s kind of got that savvy. He can create some plays on his own and he’s a good zone read runner.”

In high school, he boasted some combination of this phenomenal hairstyle and this outrageous face paint. He was the nation’s 43rd-ranked quarterback as a recruit, and was billed as a dual-threat quarterback. Judging by game videos he liked to yell a lot, could throw with a little zip, and looked comfortable in a very midirecty offense — which likely helped prepare him for Malzahn’s. Despite growing up a fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide, he wasn’t recruited by Bama.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.