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Georgia Bulldogs Vs. Auburn Tigers: Comparing Schedules And Records

Spoiler alert: the Auburn Tigers have a better resume than anybody in college football. They’ve beaten the nation’s highest-ranked one-loss team (the LSU Tigers), three other ranked teams (the Arkansas Razorbacks, Mississippi St. Bulldogs, and South Carolina Gamecocks), plus dangerous Kentucky Wildcats and Clemson Tigers squads. Their least-impressive game? Probably their three-point escape against Big Blue.

The Dawgs beat Kentucky by 13 on the road, their best win to date. But their best game may have been their 34-31 overtime loss to the Florida Gators, a contest they almost had in their hands until Todd Grantham made angels lose their wings and plummet weeping from the clouds over Gainesville. They’ve also lost to three teams that Auburn beat (Arkansas, MSU, and USC), plus the Colorado Buffaloes. I’m making this as brief as possible, I promise.

On the bright side, all this goes out the window with a single upset victory Saturday.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.