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Cam Newton Investigation AUDIO: Kenny Rogers Says Cecil Newton Wanted $100,000 To $180,000

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Kenny Rogers has officially aired out Cam Newton’s father Cecil Newton, claiming the elder Newton said it would take “anywhere from $100,000 to $180,000” for the quarterback’s letter of intent. The comments came out when Dallas' KESN-FM host Ian Fitzsimmons today interviewed Rogers, previously identified by ESPN as the man who presented pretty much that offer to the Mississippi St. Bulldogs last year — listen to audio here, via Sports By Brooks:

According to, Cecil Newton and Rogers attended the 2009 Egg Bowl together, with Newton wondering whether a big booster named Bill Bell would come through with the money. Rogers says he didn’t know if Cam Newton knew anything about the dealings, and that he didn’t meet the player until Nov. 27, just a few weeks before Mississippi St. reported on the matter to the SEC. Rogers also says that when Cam Newton was leaving the Florida Gators, Cecil Newton declared “It’s not gonna be free this time.” It being Newton’s letter of intent, of course.

It’s interesting that in Rogers’ supposed offer to Mississippi St., he claimed that other schools were waving around 200 stacks, but that Newton could be had for $180,000. If Rogers isn’t inventing this, at least we can say this: he was not interested in settling for anything less than what his client asked for. He also clearly knows when to fold 'em. The FBI getting involved would be the common man's when-to-fold-'em point, so close enough.

This still doesn’t mean the Auburn Tigers paid for Newton’s signature. But putting all the pieces together, can you come up with any other explanation as to how Auburn landed Newton?

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.