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Georgia Vs. Auburn: Cam Newton Reportedly Will Play

Sportsbooks have reopened the Georgia-Auburn betting line, a sign of general confidence in Auburn Tigers QB Cam Newton playing tomorrow against the Georgia Bulldogs. Multiple media outlets are also reporting Newton is expected to play. I’m aware this post led with Vegas over newspapers. says he will start, “barring any last minute decision to the contrary.” As in, any last minute phone call from the NCAA, which appears to be the only thing that can derail Newton’s run. Radio host Paul Finebaum tweeted a report from that Newton “is expected to start,” but do with that what you will.

Cecil Hurt of told Finebaum “these things wrap up in a year or two” — as in, not a week after they break. If the NCAA’s continental drift-paced case against the North Carolina Tar Heels is any indication, Newton might be ruled ineligible for the 2012 SEC Championship Game days before the world ends. He will be mired in an ugly quarterback controversy with Los Angeles Jaguars QB Tim Tebow (total drag that they signed him too late) at the time, but will appreciate the NCAA’s diligence.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.