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UGA Vs. Auburn: Cam Newton Is Playing Today, According To Twitter

Auburn Tigers QB Cam Newton exited the team bus with his teammates and has been spotted on the field, hugging fellow players and Camming it up, based on tweets from Jordan-Hare. Paul Finebaum retweeted at least one, and I’d love to link to more tweets on the matter, but I’m on my mobile at Bobby Dodd Stadium, ladies and bros.

There’s always the possibility he’s working as an overqualified cheerleader, you’d suppose. But we’ve yet to hear anything but stay-the-coursedness (English degree) from Auburn. Looks like Mark Richt was right to expect nobody but Newton.

As Doug shared earlier, a Georgia Bulldogs victory would shock the college football media world. This Dawgs season is now entirely redeemable, but it’s gonna take their game of the year. The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry kicks off in an hour and a half with a whole lot on the line.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.