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Georgia Vs. Auburn Score: Aaron Murray And Tigers Trade Scores Again, Dawgs By 7

I tried to tell you Georgia Bulldogs QB Aaron Murray is on pace for a bajillion touchdowns, and you didn’t want to believe me. He’s just thrown his third of the day, a 40-yard beaut to A.J. Green. At the end of the drive Murray had 117 more passing yards than did Auburn Tigers QB Cam Newton, and Green had three fewer yards than Auburn’s entire offense.

Auburn responded (falling into a pattern here) with an eight-play, 62-yard drive capped by RB Onterio McCalebb’s four-yard rush. On the previous play, Newton zipped a 26-yard strike to WR Emory Blake down the middle, then hustled the Tigers to the line.

As Doug discovered, the pundits predicted a shootout, and it looks like the suits nailed this one. That two-touchdown hole equaled what was likely the biggest deficit Auburn has seen all year, their 17-3 halftime disadvantage against the Clemson Tigers. Somebody look that up for us to make sure. I’M BUSY.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.