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Cam Newton Investigation: NCAA Reportedly Interviews Jody Wright, Former Mississippi St. Asisstant

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After a slow weekend, the Cam Newton story is whirring back to life. Radio host Paul Finebaum reports the NCAA has interviewed Alabama Crimson Tide graduate assistant Jody Wright. Wright was the Mississippi St. Bulldogs coordinator of football operations last year during the time when Cecil Newton was accused of asking MSU for money, which Newton has partially admitted according to reports.

Finebaum also says an NCAA investigator is on his way to see the Auburn Tigers.

Wright, a former Tide football player, has been a hot message board rumor and conspiracy theory subject for a while, considering his affiliations with both the school that reported Newton to the SEC and with Auburn’s archrival. Though Finebaum’s Twitter has already taken one rumor and ran with it, so take this, as everything else, with whatever salt you have left.

If Wright has become involved, clearly he took the job at MSU just to coax an Auburn recruit’s family into a violation, right? That’s the silliest thing you’ve read all day, but I promise you there’s at least one person out there who believes it’s true.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.