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Cam Newton News: John Bond Meets With FBI, Kenny Rogers With NCAA According To Reports

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Brandon Marcello at the Clarion-Ledger reports the FBI has met with John Bond, the former Mississippi St. Bulldogs player who played a major role in making the Cam Newton story public. We’ve known since last week that the FBI had been rumored to be interested in speaking with Bond, so this isn’t a surprise.

Meanwhile Ian Fitzsimmons, 103.3 FM radio host in Dallas, tweets that the NCAA met with Kenny Rogers today at 1 pm. It was on Fitzsimmons’ show last week that Rogers claimed Cecil Newton demanded “$100,000 to $180,000” for his son’s letter of intent.

Bond and Rogers were football teammates at Mississippi St. in the ‘80s. Both appear to have cooperated thus far, and neither has been shown to have misspoken that I’m aware of. The NCAA’s involvement could end up being terrible for Auburn while perhaps changing things slightly for other schools as well, but the FBI’s? Any theories on what college football would look like once the feds got done with it, if that’s in the picture?

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.