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SEC College Football Schedule, Week 12: No. 13 Arkansas Razorbacks Vs. No. 21 Mississippi St. Bulldogs Preview

The SEC’s best passing attack takes on one of its best scoring defenses and running games in a game quite possibly attended by Bill Bell, Kenny Rogers, and John Bond (ABC: Always Bewritingabout Cam). Both of these teams have lost to the Alabama Crimson Tide and Auburn Tigers, with each having a close loss among that pair.

If America had ever heard of the Mississippi St. Bulldogs, they’d certainly be rooting for them over the Arkansas Razorbacks, a team America is also not familiar with. Early indicators suggest they did the right or at least prescribed thing in the Cam Newton kerfuffle, they have an especially lovable mascot and sideline tradition, and they’re the conference’s only perennial football underdog that doesn’t choose to be. Kentucky’s got hoops, and we all know Vanderbilt has such an endowment that it could bankroll an SEC title within a decade if it wanted to, right? Meanwhile, Bobby Petrino.

Again, I’m not telling you who to root for — just pointing out who America would fall for.

TV time: 7 on ESPN and ESPN3.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.