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College Football Schedule, Week 13: South Florida Bulls Vs. Miami Hurricanes Preview

It’s sad that the insta-rivalry between the South Florida Bulls and Miami Hurricanes doesn’t earn a mention on The U’s Wikipedia’s Rivalries section. Come on, the Florida Gators are up there, and they’ve played seven times since the mid-80s. South Florida’s page lists both Miami and the Florida St. Seminoles as potential permanent rivals, ranking it among the most ambitious Big East Wikipedia pages.

I looked up exactly one stat for this game: South Florida’s interceptions. They only have ten, tied for 59th in the nation, which should get a nice boost. The Canes lead the nation in aerial generosity, tied with the — good Gawd — Buffalo Bulls.

For Miami, the plus side of playing a team based on four hours away? Bulls fans actually live closer to Sun Life Stadium than do Canes faithful, guaranteeing a nice attendance bump.

TV time: Noon on ESPNU.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.