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College Football Schedule, Week 13: LSU Tigers Vs. Arkansas Razorbacks Preview

After all the ludicrous last-minute finishes they’ve been a part of this year, what are the odds that the No. 5 LSU Tigers and No. 12 Arkansas Razorbacks will play a 60-minute 24-14 yawner featuring 12 or more punts? Because seriously — how much more mayhem do these two teams have left in them?

From a buzzer beater against the Georgia Bulldogs and Ryan Mallett losing it against the Alabama Crimson Tide and double-OT touchback fumbles by the Mississippi St. Bulldogs to … every LSU game, are there two teams better equipped to produce something we’ve never seen before?

You know the matchups by now. The SEC’s best aerial game against its best passing defense. Future Sunday nighter Mallett running one attack, a backup kicker dribbling sideways to glory on the other. Two genius head coaches, one a schematics master both on and off the field, and the other a careful observer of probability and opportunity and, above all, what his players are capable of. Yes, I just called Les Miles “careful.” Crazy ain’t stupid.

BCS implications. Huge rivalry, whether both fanbases admit it at the same time or not. Two excellent teams. Something wild as all hell in the works. Let’s go.

TV time: 3:30 on CBS.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.