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Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Vs. Georgia Bulldogs Weather Preview: Bring A Jacket

If you have been outside today in Georgia, you noticed rain and a pretty drastic drop in temperatures from the last couple of days. Yesterday, Athens had a high of 70 degrees. Tomorrow, if the Weather Channel is right, the mercury will reach 57 degree at its highest point and will be at 32 at its lowest. Gametime temperature should be in the mid-40s, and by the fourth quarter, it will feel like it is in the 30s. There is very little chance of any precipitation, and not having cloud cover will help it get colder as well.

How does this affect the game? Georgia Tech's only cold game this year was at Virginia Tech, when the temperatures were about the same as they will be Saturday in Athens. Georgia doesn't have much experience with cold weather this season, and its coldest game was in Colorado when it dropped into the 50s. 

The two effects of the weather that I can see: crowd and passing. Folks from the state of Georgia don't see the cold too often, and this might be the coldest weekend of the year so far which could quiet the crowd to an extent. In the passing game, a cold ball is harder and the throwing and catching hands aren't as nimble.

But then again, who knows. The weather could mean nothing and/or the meteorologists might be completely wrong.

Don't forget a warm jacket. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.