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SEC Fans: Is Rooting For The Auburn Tigers Too Much To Ask?

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With the SEC Championship Game just a few days away, Track Em Tigers says it's time for conference fans to lay aside arms, join hands, and sing an unironic "War Eagle!" into the Atlanta sky roof. An undefeated Auburn Tigers team in the BCS Championship Game is what's best for each team in the SEC, says TET. As long as the chain of SEC dominance is unbroken, each year's conference winner is almost guaranteed a spot in the title game.


After watching last year's BCS title game, which ended with Alabama Crimson Tide fans chanting "SEC!" even before breaking into their own fight song, Auburn fans have reason to expect their SEC rivals to go all in for God and conference. But I think they're going to be disappointed. Well, they would be if they weren't relishing the us-against-the-world stuff.


To align Auburn as the SEC's pride and joy is to dare other SEC fans to root against the conference. But if you root against a team whose best two players are either likely to be eliminated from the history books or dirty as hell, are you really a bad SEC fan? Rooting for Nick Saban last year was difficult for Georgia Bulldogs, Tennessee Volunteers, and Florida Gators fans, but supporting Auburn has to feel like crossing a line. Especially with Steve Spurrier, Mr. Georgia Dome himself, on the SECCG sideline for quite possibly the last time.


Auburn fans should embrace their role as the conference's black sheep. It's fun to be the bad guys. But expecting opposing fans to root for the bad guys is trying to have it both ways.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.