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Cam Newton Investigation: Kenny Rogers Meeting With Mississippi Secretary Of State Officials

The Associated Press’ David Brandt reports Kenny Rogers, the former Mississippi St. Bulldogs player accused of being the middleman in the proposed $180,000 transaction between Cecil Newton and MSU for Cam Newton’s services, is scheduled to discuss the matter with the Mississippi secretary of state’s office. Rogers has previously spoken with the NCAA, as confirmed by his attorney in this report.

As an agent-like substance, Rogers is the office’s concern due to something called the Uniform Athlete Agent Act. Two years in jail await those who cross the UAAA, though the act’s initials should make it clear to you who’s really behind all this. The University of Alabama Athletic Association. It’s all so clear now. Even though they don’t actually call their athletic department that. Doesn’t matter. Sheeple.

After two whole weeks of very little news on the Newton front, any development feels like big stuff, but this specific episode may not ripple very far beyond Rogers, unless he discloses info that the office feels like passing along to other agencies. Doesn’t look good for him, though.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.