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Mark Richt Has Now Been Compared To John Cooper By Ohio State And Georgia Bloggers Alike: Problem?

Likening Georgia Bulldogs coach Mark Richt to former Ohio St. Buckeyes coach John Cooper isn't an entirely new thing, but it is noteworthy that in the past week both SB Nation's Dawgs and Buckeyes communities have made the comparison. Cooper was an otherwise excellent coach at tOSU who simply couldn't get past the Michigan Wolverines, much like Richt's predicament with the Florida Gators.


Along The Olentangy compares the two coaches' records, and it's unsettling. Cooper's last ten years and Richt's first ten feature the same winning percentage, with the same number of wins against primary rivals: two. ATO (tATO?) also finds common ground in their struggles with keeping players out of trouble and overseer-y approaches.


As Dawg Sports notes, Richt's difficulties with Florida have been offset at least partially by his success against all of Georgia's other rivals. Plus it doesn't hurt that Georgia couldn't beat Florida even before Richt came along, whereas the Buckeyes had gone back and forth with Michigan until Cooper took over.


Ohio State chased Cooper by hiring Jim Tressel, which has worked out pretty well so far to say the least. So there we go, Dawgs: just try hiring Jim Tressel. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.