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Report: Mississippi St. Player Kenny Rogers Sought Money For Cam Newton's Letter Of Intent

ESPN's Chris Low and others report the Mississippi St. Bulldogs individual in question in the NCAA's investigation of Auburn Tigers QB Cam Newton is former player Kenny Rogers, according to ESPN's sources. Former Missy State QB John Bond had previously identified the individual as being a teammate, which Rogers was.

Rogers played for the Bulldogs in the early '80s and currently identifies himself online as an agent. His company also claims to match "high school athletes with college programs," which, you know, sort of sounds like exactly what we're talking about here. 

Newton is being investigated for money that may have been requested in his name in exchange for his letter-of-intent when he was seeking to transfer from a junior college to either Auburn or Mississippi St. The Tigers are currently ranked No. 2 in the nation, and Newton is the far-and-away Heisman favorite.

Newton's father, Cecil Newton, has already denied any involvement and claimed ignorance of anything done by Rogers. Cecil Newton also says the NCAA has been investigating the family's finances for a month now. If the Rogers report is accurate, the NCAA's next move would be to find if the same deal was offered to and accepted by Auburn. If so, Newton

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