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Auburn Says Cam Newton Is Eligible To Play Saturday Vs. Chattanooga, But Should He?

Montgomery, Alabama's WSFA shares a statement from the Auburn Tigers regarding QB Cam Newton's eligibility in the wake of an NCAA investigation into his recruitment: "Auburn is aware of the allegation but cannot comment other than to say Newton IS eligible to play for the Tigers." Doesn't really add anything, but it's something.

Still in question: even though Newton is eligible to play, will he play? There's a difference there. All Auburn has said is that he can play if they decide they're cool with it. Should he play? And so forth. The only meaning that can be drawn from that statement is that the NCAA hasn't suspended Newton yet. Which, duh.

Unless Auburn is very, very highly confident they're in the clear here, it would be wise to sit Newton on Saturday. It really shouldn't ding his Heisman chances, if anybody's concerned about that, since it's not like he'd be playing all game against Chattanooga anyway. 

Our real interest here is next week, not this week. CBS has chosen to air the Georgia Bulldogs vs. Auburn Tigers game instead of the South Carolina Gamecocks vs. Florida Gators game that will decide who wins the SEC East.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.