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Cam Newton Investigation: Auburn QB Recruitment Scandal Link Roundup

First, you should keep up with this stream on the Cam Newton investigation at .com. It’ll be your best bet for updates as we move forward. Second, read this post at The Big Lead and/or this post at Dr. Saturday for the general overview of everything we know. Then, for flavor and color, enjoy this post at EDSBS and Team Speed Kills’ three scenarios.

For some perspective from fans of the teams most directly involved: Track Em Tigers, our Auburn Tigers community, reacts to the news, wonders about the impact on Newton’s Heisman run, doesn’t know what we’re yelling about, and wants to fire the New York Times or something. That last sentiment has informed the most popular reaction among War Eaglemen on Twitter. For Whom The Cowbell Tolls, our Mississippi St. Bulldogs community, knew it all along and pieces together a picture of the Newton family.

SB Nation editors reevaluate Newton's Heisman chancesfind a teachable moment regarding the legendary SEC practice of using churches to funnel money to recruits, and discover the dumbest thing anybody has yet written about Newton

Elsewhere around the SEC: Dawg Sports (Georgia Bulldogs) is crossing its fingers in hopes Newton will end up missing next week’s game between Auburn and Georgia. Rocky Top Talk (Tennessee Volunteers) assures itself this has nothing to do with the troubled Vols. Garnet And Black Attack (South Carolina Gamecocks) raises an eyebrow at the sheer dollar amount.

Conquest Chronicles (USC Trojans) sees pro-SEC bias all over the place here, since the Trojans football program was recently torn to bits for cheating. Wait, what? KEEP MOVING. Addicted To Quack (Oregon Ducks) meditates on how a story like this works in the Google age.

Finally, from the unstoppable @lsufreek:

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.