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Cam Newton Investigation: AP Reports Auburn And Kenny Rogers Had 'No Contact Whatsoever'

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According to a source cited by the Associated Press, Auburn and former-Mississippi-State-player-turned-shady-individual Kenny Rogers had zero contact during the Tigers’ recruitment of QB Cam Newton. Sure, it’s an anonymous source. But if true, this changes everything. Back to the way it was about 24 hours ago.

If Rogers and Auburn haven’t interacted in any way, then Rogers is just a huckster trying to scam Mississippi St., rather than a middleman or pimp, as he’s been described. Auburn would be free to confidently proceed as scheduled — the fact that Auburn has repeatedly insisted Newton remains eligible shows they really weren’t all that worried anyway, and now we may know why.

Then agaaaain, Rogers and Mississippi St. itself never had direct contact either. This whole situation came to light when former Missy State quarterback John Bond reported Rogers to the New York Times and ESPN. So this does still leave a potential network of Auburn middlemen pimps at play, which is a string of words that would likely cause someone to say, “That would be a great name for a band!” if this were the mid-’90s and people still made that joke all the time.

Newton will play tomorrow against Chattanooga. That’s about all we really know, but this report is a clear step towards Newton being more likely to play against the Georgia Bulldogs and beyond.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.