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SEC College Football: Yes, Cam Newton Will Play Against Chattanooga (And Probably Georgia, Too)

When the Auburn Tigers take the field tomorrow against the Chattanooga Mocs, QB Cam Newton will lead the way*. Last night, Auburn officials declared Newton’s eligibility intact despite the NCAA investigation centering around a shady former player seeking money. Today’s AP report that Auburn has had no contact with this individual also quotes a source who insists Newton “will play Saturday.”

Newton shouldn’t play very long, since the Mocs are a bye week with cleats, but he will play. As of this moment, a SEC West title, a BCS title game appearance, and the Heisman Trophy are still in the picture for Auburn and Newton.

With the Georgia Bulldogs on Auburn’s schedule the following week, this story will become more critical for the locals. But with (1) Newton set to play tomorrow, (2) Auburn’s general make-my-day attitude about the whole thing, (3) Rogers’ lack of a direct Auburn connection, and (4) the Dawgs’ rotten 2010 luck … actually, all you need to reference here is (4).

  • Unless if he suffers some sort of injury between now and then. Odds are very slim.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.