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PIC: Georgia State Panthers Fan Is Ballin' On A Budget At The Dome

Brand-new programs, like the Georgia State Panthers', don't always have the resource benefits available to schools with long football traditions. While the Panthers have been lucky to sidestep at least one huge growing pain by having the Georgia Dome right around the corner, things aren't so easy on their fans. As SBN ATL's Matt Taylor, Panthers season ticket holder and citizen journalist, documents, State fans are just tryna make ends meet out here:


That's a Georgia Bulldogs sweatshirt, with STATE scrawled beneath. It's nice when local FCS programs earn support from fans of larger schools, but it's not clear if that's entirely the case here. This may or may not be a recruiting violation of some sort. Also, Georgia State is currently playing a better team than Georgia is -- the Lamar Cardinals have three wins over teams you've never heard of, as opposed to Idaho State's one.


Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.