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Miami Interested In Jon Gruden And Dan Mullen, Halting Mark Richt Rumors

The Miami Hurricanes need a new football coach. Everybody agrees on this, except the small faction of Canes fans (redundant) that wants the team to bring back Larry Coker. Mississippi St. Bulldogs head coach Dan Mullen is "option 1A," while former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach and current This Guy Jon Gruden is reportedly set to meet with the Canes today

So those mumblings about Georgia Bulldogs coach Mark Richt taking his talented Ford truck (Go Dawgs!) to South Beach came and went about as quickly as all other Richt rumblings. Remember that one about the Colorado Buffaloes wanting to bring him on to replace Dan Hawkins?


AD Greg McGarity has said Richt will be around next year, and Richt has repeatedly called Georgia his home. Going back to coach the team he once quarterbacked would be a nice story, but Richt can make much, much more money working for a better program with better fans in Athens.


Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.