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Cam Newton Was Ineligible For One Day, Meaning A.J. Green's Jersey Was Worth $5.1 Million

We tried to do the Cam Newton-to-A.J. Green conversion math before, but apparently we had it backwards. Mistakenly thinking Newton’s punishment for his dad’s $180,000 solicitation should line up with Green’s four-week suspension for selling a jersey for $1,000, we concluded Newton should be suspended for 67 years. Only one of us went to Georgia Tech though, so you’ll excuse our math.

Turns out Green’s jersey was actually worth over $5 million. Newton was ruled out of commission for one day for $180,000, so that’s the going rate for one day. Right? And let’s say Green missed 28 days, or about four weeks. $180,000 times 28 = $5,040,000.

Damn, A.J. With that kind of signing bonus already in hand, who needs the NFL Draft? Granted the exchange rate flies off the meter when crossing the Georgia-Alabama border, but Auburn’s position right on the line puts them in an amazing twilight zone of suspension economics. Kind of hope Newton sells his SEC Championship Game jersey, just for science.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.