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Liberty Bowl Score: UCF Ties Georgia 3-3 After Aaron Murray Interceptions

That update from earlier this week about the Liberty Bowl pairing the nation’s two best freshmen quarterbacks in Georgia Bulldogs QB Aaron Murray and Central Florida Knights QB Jeff Godfrey? Emphasis on the freshmen. Each has thrown a pair of picks, and we’ve still got 30 minutes to go.

Also, New Year’s resolution: stop counting on the 2010 Georgia Bulldogs to beat anybody. Luckily they won’t play anymore after New Year’s, but still. The Dawgs should be hammering UCF, based on how they’ve played against their respective schedules, but George O’Leary’s Conference USA-tested defense is apparently for real. Only 287 combined total yards has made for a game as drab as the Memphis skies. <—- Nice.

Murray hasn’t played poorly, other than those two picks. He’s outplayed Godfrey to an extent, with a better completion percentage and almost double the passing yards. Godfrey has a couple scrambles for positive yardage, while Murray ran for a first down from his own end zone early in the first quarter.

In his (let’s keep it real) final college game, Georgia WR A.J. Green is doing his part, with four catches for 43 yards and an 18-yard punt return that just wouldn’t die.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.