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Liberty Bowl Score: UCF Leads Georgia 10-6 After Day's First TD

The strangest play just happened here in the Liberty Bowl. Central Florida Knights RB Latavius Murray took a handoff from QB Jeff Godfrey and advanced the football well into field goal territory, with Georgia Bulldogs defenders encircling him in expectation. Yet Murray continued well beyond his kicker’s minimum distance, not stopping until he’d entered the neutral area between kicking range and the goal posts.

Officials elected to award UCF two field goals for the play. They felt bad for UCF kicker Nick Cattoi, who hadn’t gotten to participate on the drive, and let him kick for a token point to give the Knights a 10-6 lead with nine minutes to go.

The scoring drive took 11 plays and went 65 yards. Godfrey came alive, completing six of his seven passes for 44 yards. The UCF offense has now pulled within 20 yards of Georgia’s on the day.

If A.J. Green has anything special in store for this Memphis crowd, now would be the time to break it out. Aaand UGA three-and-out before I even finished typing this, with the last pass grazing Green's outstretched left hand.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.