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Urban Meyer Won't Coach Tim Tebow And Denver Broncos, Says Chris Mortensen

So: Urban Meyer resigns as head coach of the Florida Gators just a couple days after Tim Tebow’s coach gets fired, leaving the Denver Broncos with nobody on board who’s all that crazy about coaching up the young quarterback? Could a reunion be in the works? Same uniform colors and everything!

Nope, says ESPN’s Chris Mortensen. Which sort of lines up with the slight information we have about Meyer’s motives. His reasons for leaving are specifically off-the-field conditions that wouldn’t be improved by taking an NFL head coaching job, though taking over as Broncos quarterbacks coach would likely be a lighter load.

After going through this whole thing just a year ago, taking another job right away would destroy whatever’s left of Meyer’s credibility. If he takes a year or two off before jumping back in, he misses the Tebow boat, but the Josh McDaniels thing is very, very likely just a coincidence anyway.

Besides, everyone knows he’s just going to coach his daughter Nikki’s volleyball team at Georgia Tech, right?

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.