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Georgia Vs. Colorado: Ashley Ambrose, The 2003 Fiesta Bowl, And Fifth Down

Fun fact: Former Atlanta Falcons cornerback Ashley Ambrose is Colorado’s defensive backs coach.

Also monitoring: Not only does Colorado have home field, they also have home zebras. Big 12 refs are set to work the game, and the only tidbit I can share with you about Big 12 refs is this:

Colorado has also declared a blackout, meaning Georgia fans could play their cards right and produce a Folsom Field crowd that looks like this:

Yes, I spent more time on that than pretty much any other single task I’ve done all day.

How we feel about all this: As a Tech fan who will never not be furious about this moment and its lack of an effect on Colorado’s horsehockey claim to part of the 1990 National Championship, I’ll merrily root for anyone to ruin the Buffaloes’ twentieth-anniversary celebration, whether that includes Georgia’s football team or just its Matrix-hacker fans.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.