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Georgia vs. Colorado: Quotes from Weekly Press Luncheon

Georgia head coach Mark Richt and a few players met with media members Tuesday for the weekly press luncheon. Here are a few notable quotes from Richt along with Aaron Murray and Akeem Dent.

Mark Richt on staying positive: The things we don't want to do is lose our integrity or lose our poise or we don't want to take our frustrations out on someone else. We need to teach these young men how to handle adversity. We need to teach anyone who is watching, maybe who has been through tough times, how to handle adversity."

 Richt on offense's indemnity: "We do want to run the ball still and have play action passing. I think people certainly respect our run game. We may not have the numbers but they know that they need to stop that."

Richt on players talking about what would have happened if A.J. Green playing the four games he was suspended: "We never did that. We couldn't do that. There is no point in doing that. We all, whether we said it or not, I'm sure there were times we were thinking about it."

Aaron Murray on the return of Green: "It's going to be nice having him back. He's a tremendous receiver and he causes a lot of problems for defenses."

 Murray on practicing with Green knowing that he would not play: "It gets a little sad sometimes. I didn't even want to throw to him sometimes because I would be a little upset that I couldn't throw to him on Saturdays. It will be nice to have him back this week."

Akeem Dent on going to Colorado: "It's going to be a nice trip. Right now, all everyone is talking about is the altitude and things like that. But I think it's something that we will be able to adapt to during the game."

Dent on the fans reaction to their rough start: "I think the fans are still behind us. I know, that they know, that they deserve more, and we deserve more as well. They are still behind us."

For the full transcript of the press luncheon click here.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.