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Georgia Vs. Colorado: Coloradoans Aren't Impressed By Dawgs' Mascot

From a rant post at Ralphie Report:

Every time there is a vote on the best mascot in college football, Uga, the Georgia Bulldog, is in the top three. Now I know that there have been a long and directly-descended line of Ugas, seven to be exact. A lot of people think bulldogs are cute, and people occasionally get to pet Uga. I have nothing against Uga. But come on now, one of the best mascots in college football?

How inspiring would it be to run behind a bulldog into a stadium? The football team doesn’t, because the dog pretty much just sits there. Does the crowd get fired up when the PA announcer yells, “THERESITSUGAAAAA!” Currently, Ralphie the Buffalo deservedly sits at the top of the rankings as the #1 college football mascot, but here have been years when he was outvoted by Uga supporters. I can think of nine other mascots that make Uga seem pretty ordinary – LSU’s bengal tiger, Texas’ Bevo the longhorn, the Air Force falcon, Texas Tech’s Red Raider w/black stallion, USC’s Trojan with horse, Florida’s alligator, Rice’s horned owl, the Baylor black bear, and, yes, even Cam the bighorn ram of CSU.

In fact, there are 38 other American universities that have a bulldog as their mascot, including the team that Georgia just lost to, Mississippi State. How would that be to see the exact same breed of animal on the other teams sideline?

There is only one live buffalo mascot in college football. The name is Ralphie, and that buffalo charging around Folsom Field for every home game is and will always be the best mascot in all of sports.

Just you wait, Bulldog Nation. Those frigid potheads and vegans will regret those words once a new Uga is named in the most exciting ceremony in all of mascotdom in just a couple weeks or whatever.

Does anybody want to come to Uga’s defense here? I’m not going to. They’ve got a got damn buffalo.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.