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Georgia Vs. Tennessee Final Score: Controversial Buzzer Beater Leads Vols Over Dogs 59-57

What I wouldn't give to have been in earshot as the SEC officials huddled at the scorers table as they decided whether a shot by Tennessee's Brian Williams beat the buzzer. With the game hanging in the balance,  I am curious to hear what their thoughts were on the obvious foul that Williams committed on the offensive rebound before releasing the shot. The attempt was clearly good, but also clearly visible was the over the back foul that Williams committed on Georgia's Chris Barnes. That no call robbed Georgia of a chance in overtime and that is without even mentioning the shot clock violation that wasn't called earlier in the game where replay also clearly showed that the shot wasn't released in time. 

This will be a game that Dawg fans everywhere won't forget anytime soon. While Georgia didn't catch any breaks with the zebras tonight they also didn't do enough of the little things to help prevent themselves from being in a position where one call could ultimately decide things. Little things like allowing Tennessee 12 offensive rebounds on the night and none bigger than Melvin Goins offensive rebound with 36 seconds left in the game. With the score tied, Georgia defended a Scotty Hopson drive well and tapped the rebound out to mid-court where Goins was just able to beat Trey Thompkins and Gerald Robinson to the basketball. 

That set up the final sequence where Vols freshman Tobias Harris launched a three point attempt that was long which led to Williams going through Barnes for the rebound and staggering backwards as he released the shot. The ball went through the basket with no time left as stunned Stegeman Coliseum looked on in disbelief that there wasn't a call. 

Gerald Robinson and Travis Leslie both scored 14 points to lead the Bulldogs. Trey Thompkins netted 13 points but was just 4-13 from the field. 

Tobias Harris and Scotty Hopson both scored 15 points for the Volunteers while Brian Williams came off the bench to score 10 points with none bigger than the final two. 

Macon Telegraph writer Seth Emerson tweeted Mark Fox's response when asked about the no call at the end of the game. 

Mark Fox was asked if over-the-back foul could've been called. He paused for nearly 30 seconds, then said he'd have to see the tape

He can look at the tape all he wants and the result is going to cause him some sleepless nights. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.