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Will Hill Blames Twitter Hacker And Some Blogger For Social Media Escapades

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Today is Florida Gators Defensive Backs Getting In Trouble Day, and former Gators safety Will Hill is happy to keep the party rolling. First, the scene: during his extremely eventful time on campus, Hill studiously documented his adventures on Twitter, which our own Spencer Hall collected into a single volume of only the finest publishings. Subject matter included oral sex, marijuana, and marijuana-enhanced oral sex. The Twitter feed was shut down shortly after.


Hill is now claiming his Twitter was hacked for six months (!), which sounds more like a siege than a hack. He says he had to call someone to learn the details of what had been conducted via his Twitter handle, meaning he could not simply Facebook his Twitter handlers. (We do know he uses Facebook.)


The safety also refers to Hall as "some blogger" who "cut and pasted some things," those things being salacious and wonderful tweets that were sent by a hacker scrupulously posing for almost an entire year as Will Hill, Florida Gators starting safety.


Whatever Florida's entire secondary is smoking ...

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.