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Herschel Walker Is Not Trying To Come Back To The NFL; Media Can't Take A Joke

For some reason, media outlets are still running with the story that Herschel Walker wants to return to play for the NFL, based on an off-hand comment he made to a reporter while conducting PR for his upcoming Strikeforce fight. He’s already clarified that the remark was just a joke in response to a reporter’s question. How long are we going to keep re-posting this story like it’s news?

Say it with me, bros: Herschel Walker is not attempting a pro football comeback. He’s said he’s focused on MMA and hasn’t given any serious thought to returning to the NFL.

It’s rare to see an athlete with enough of a sense of humor and self-awareness to call himself the “George Foreman of football.” It’s kind of like the Caroline Wozniacki thing, I guess, where a bunch of media people thought the tennis star had committed a horrifying blunder when she’d actually just made a joke.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.