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VIDEO: Herschel Walker Training For Second Strikeforce Fight, Says MMA Is Best Sport

With Herschel Walker’s second MMA fight, a Strikeforce to-do against Scott Carson, coming up this weekend, here’s a look behind the scenes at Walker’s training. MMA training is very confusing to me, as everything he wears and every door he walks through has a different logo and name on it, which probably makes the thing a little bit more fascinating than it should be:

Not that it’s not interesting by its own right, of course. Walker is often asked to compare football and MMA — here he outlines the precision and perfection required of the MMA fighter, comparing it to football, where a mistake can be overlooked in the total mayhem brought on by 22 athletes running around at once.

He also draws a similarity while describing the mindset an MMA fighter must have. It’s easy to think of fighters and football players as cavemen, especially when they themselves cultivate that image, but strategizing is as much a part of combat sports as it is any other.

Well, maybe not as much as football. Nick Saban gets to work pretty freaking early.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.